Manufactured in the UK

A durable, all-weather road
safety barrier that is crash and
wind tunnel tested, and easy to install.

Why choose the Manta Barrier?

The barrier is manufactured from hot dipped galvanised steel which is highly resistant to corrosion and complies with British Standards (BS EN ISO 14361 (2009))

The barriers have been rigorously tested in leading wind tunnel and crash test facilities which demonstrates their suitability for highly congested or city-centre locations.









Design Features

There are six key characteristics which secure the Manta barrier’s unrivalled position in the marketplace.

  1. Design
    The barrier’s design is inspired by its namesake, the manta ray. The cloak or blanket-style shape is simple yet understated and looks attractive in the powder-coated white and red finish. 
  2. Ease of Installation
    Simply interlock the barriers and secure in place using a connection pin. To increase the height (to over 2m) security, and privacy, simply slot fence panels into the holes at the top of the barrier.
  3. Versatility
    The barriers can be used alone or with mesh fence and gates. Add-ons include end pieces and corner units which assist in navigating bends and ensure a professional finish.
  4. Durability
    The Manta Barriers are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel which means they are durable and highly resistant to corrosion.
  5. Sustainability
    Steel is one of the world’s most sustainable materials – it’s forever reusable, permanent and the most recycled substance on the planet.
  6. Safety
    The Manta Barrier achieved high passes and ratings in the crash and wind tests. For ASI and THIV the barrier was awarded an ‘A rating’ (the best possible rating,). It also gained a W7 pass in specific relation to the requirements of the relevant Road Restraint System British Standard (BS EN 1317:2010).

Easy To Install

The powder-coated red and white finish looks striking, and highly visible in all construction locations. The barrier is ideally suited to high traffic areas, where wayward vehicles pose a risk of injury to construction workers and the public.

Crash tested for safety

The new Manta barrier system has been meticulously crash-tested by experts and proven to provide superior protection against severe impact with a phenomenal “A” rating in its ASI and THIV assessments. The British Standard crash course W7 of BS EN 1317:2010 was passed with flying colours.

Withstanding an impressive 1,300 kg impact at over 50 mph, the new Manta barrier absorbed the energy of crashes, minimising damage to both vehicles and the barrier itself. This level of performance makes the Manta barrier an ideal solution for roads with high speeds and heavy traffic.

Rigorously Wind Tested

The Manta Barrier has been meticulously tested within an internationally renowned wind tunnel testing facility, during which the barrier system achieved two classification A passes and one classification B pass.

Three arrangements of the Manta barrier system have been tested, these include two adjoined Manta barriers without any add-ons, two adjoined Manta barriers with the lightweight 576mm pedestrian fence add-on, and two adjoined Manta barriers with the 1538mm anti-climb mesh fence add-on. Each arrangement of the system achieved a high level of wind resistance.



Classification A

Speed Limit Reached: 120km/h (33.3m/s)



Classification A

Speed Limit Reached: 97km/h (26.9m/s)



Classification B

Speed Limit Reached: 72km/h (20.0m/s)


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